Friday, October 30, 2009

10.30.09 - Race tomorrow!

Today's Training (10.30.09)
AM Rowing 10K (38:56.3), 31 spm, AHR124/MHR131...
AM Running 8M treadmill (53:27), i=1, AHR120/MHR128
PM Running 6M treadmill (38:21), i=1, AHR124/MHR129

Running Totals: 14M day / 71M week (109M/L7) / 459M month
Rowing Totals: 10K day / 60K week / 226K

I felt a little sharper today, and ready to run at as fast of a pace on the treadmill as my MAF HR limit would allow.  And looking back at the past 10+ weeks, I haven't run quite this quick (6:23.5/M on my afternoon 6M run) until now.  I think in a number of cases, I felt that the pace was getting a little quick, so I've done several treadmill runs at a 5% or higher incline to slow things down a bit, while still elevating my HR to the right level.  Today, I felt more recovered and ready to run faster.  That's good.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be escorting RG during the Eerie Erie 5K.  It looks like the streets should all be clear and from looking at, she should have 35 degrees & partly cloudy when the gun goes off.  This will be her 2nd race (Bolder Boulder earlier this year was her first).  I'm confident we'll do fine.  I've been trying to coach her on keeping things comfortable and under control early on, and building into a strong finish as the run/race goes on.  Tomorrow will be a good test as things get more exciting with all the people around, the gun going off, and everyone else sprinting out like idiots (yes, I've been one of the idiots - admit it, we all have!).  But if I can help keep her running conservatively for long enough, she should reap the psychological rewards as she's passing lots of people in the final minutes of the race.  Full report tomorrow...

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