Thursday, October 29, 2009

10.28.09 & 10.29.09 - Basement Games

Today's Training (10.28.09)
PM Rowing 10K (38:53.7), 31 spm, AHR123/MHR130...
PM Running 5M treadmill (40:28), i=5, Climb=1320', AHR123/MHR130
PM Running 15M treadmill (1:43:59), i=1, AHR118/MHR125

Wanted to run at night while watching the Nuggets opener, but only planned on running 10M.  As often happens, the first few miles dragged on, and I wondered how I'd ever make it 10M.  But as I neared 10M, I started thinking "I should do 12M instead."  And as 12M approached, I started figuring out how much longer it would take to get to 15M @ 7:00/M pace. 

Running Totals: 20M day / 47M week (114M/L7) / 435M month
Rowing Totals: 10K day / 35K week / 201K month

Today's Training (10.29.09)
AM Rowing 15K (59:38.9), 30 spm, AHR121/MHR126...
AM Running 10M (1:08:57), i=1, AHR120/MHR128

After last night's longish run, I knew I was going to have to summon some mental toughness to get through this morning's workout.  I just kept telling myself that I would be done for the day after the run. 

Running Totals: 10M day / 57M week (108.5M/L7) / 445M* month (*new high - old high: 436M 10.09)
Rowing Totals: 15K day / 50K week / 216K month

I just got an e-mail from my brother (Mike) re: the marathon he's got lined up for December.  Looks fun, and apparently they have hills in the midwest, too.

My mind goes back to the marathon from time to time.  As in most areas, I have unfinished business there.  I'd at least like to get UNDER 2:30 (PR of 2:30:49 from Chicago '02).  I don't really see myself running a marathon Olympic Trials qualifier at this point - the old "B" standard of 2:22 was tough (as it should have been), and the new single qualifying time of 2:19 is likely out of reach.  But I'll admit there's an allure to the marathon.  All this is a ways out, but a fall 2010 marathon is something I'm considering.  After some late winter/spring track racing, I plan on racing some on the roads (Bolder Boulder, Boulder Race Series) but could start prepping for a fall marathon in early summer.  That one's a work in progress.  I'd like to figure out a time for another extended period of MAF base training - and if that was pre-marathon, that could very well eliminate summer racing.  But I could wait 'til after the marathon, but if I spent a good 3 months doing that, it would get in the way of XC in the fall and early indoor track racing.  So I don't know - something to kick around. 

My late winter/spring race plans consist of local college track races @ CU, CSU, UNC, School of Mines, and possibly the Drake Relays.  My racing will focus on 5000m, but I'd like to be ready to run a fast mile at the Drake Relays Masters Invitational Mile, which would require me to have previously run a quick mile/1500 (4:35/4:20 based on the '08 standards) before that.  If possible, in addition to the Drake Relays, I would love to get to sea level again for a 5000m.  I haven't thought much about times so far, as I haven't raced in a LONG time.  I'm once again hopeful that my long hiatus from racing/serious training will work in my favor versus whatever loss of performance my aging will cause.  Who knows?  I've run 14:46 @ sea level, and 15:09 out here.  Are those long gone performances, never to be seen again?  I really don't know, but look forward to finding out.   

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