Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today's Training (10.26.09)

AM Rowing 15K (59:27.3), 31 spm, AHR116/MHR120.
AM Running 7M tread (56:39), i=5, Climb=1846', AHR116/MHR120.
PM Running 8M (59:01), AHR119/MHR126. 111th/Erie Pkwy - Arapahoe Ridge area loop - 111th Pkwy + 2 strides.

Running Totals: 15M day / 15M week (116M/L7) / 403M month (I think this is the first time I've had back to back 400M months)

Felt pretty decent today, considering the long run yesterday.  A long run on the treadmill (for me) is easier to recover from.  The run in the afternoon was classic, cool, sunny Colorado - a beautiful day.  I plan to keep the week to 90-95M, but I'll add more rowing to the mix.

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GZ said...

What is with the angry red highlight?

Where are you on the year?