Saturday, October 24, 2009

10.24.09 - Bounced back, took it easy on treadmill

Today's Training (10.24.09):

AM - Running 13M treadmill (1:29:15), AHR117/MHR120. Watched "Flight Plan" - decent entertainment that occupied my brain while I cruised away on the mill.
Running Totals: 13M day / 98M week (120M/L7) / 363M month

Felt pretty recovered after yesterday's struggle.  Made sure to eat well (too well?) yesterday, and it seems to have helped. That's always the struggle as I put in high miles and lose weight. I'm usually dealing with a caloric deficit - that's how weight loss works, right. 

So, tomorrow's plan is to run long on the treadmill (20M+) and go for a short run with RG (3M?).  She's planning on running the Eerie Erie 5K a week from today on Halloween.  She's always just done the "Goblin Run" there - a once around the track "race" for the kiddos.  This year, she wants to do both....we'll see.  KG will probably do the Goblin Run, though.  Maybe she can help him get around the track.

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GZ said...

Dude. Sorry about not getting my mill over there this weekend for the group run.