Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last 2 Days & Week in Review

Sunday 05.11.08. Started the day by taking the kids and Oslo out for a walk around scenic Erie Lake. Other than being colder than it appeared, it was a beautiful morning. We saw a fox during our drive over, and a total of 8 hot air balloons. I love seeing the balloons - it's something I miss from the morning runs. They're certainly not uniquely Colorado, but this is where I've mainly seen them, and they're a fairly regular thing. Anyway, we picked up flowers and cinnamon rolls for Mother's Day (we were letting JL sleep in and get up and work out at her own speed this morning - the least I could do). I figured on getting my main workout in this evening - which I did: 4.5M on the Precor elliptical (44:57), for a total of 1:08 on the day. Oh, I weighed in at 178.8#, which I still feel will go up despite my best efforts - probably a bit dehydrated.

05.05.08 - 05.11.08 In Review
Total Activity (9:51 - goal 7:00)
Oslo Walking (2:59 - goal 2:00)
20.5M Elliptical (3:19:36)
26K Rowing (1:39:14)
40M Exercise Bike (1:21:14)
2 Weight Lifting Sessions (33:00)

All in all - a good week. I would have gotten well over 10:00 without getting sick and having a weak Friday, and not much on Saturday. Also, even adjusting for the stomach flu aided weight loss (similar to wind aided - I DO actually weigh less, and I didn't cheat, BUT I can't really count it for record purposes), I made a nice dent in my weight, and returned to some good habits. I weighed in every day last week, which I'm continuing this week as well.

Monday 05.12.08. Mondays & Tuesdays, despite the fact that I work 9:30-7 both days, tend to be good activity days. I don't always get a lot of quality, but I have room for multiple smaller workouts. This Monday was a good example - 3M in the morning & 3M in the evening on the Precor elliptical, 15M on the LifeCycle Upright at work, a 32:00 walk w/ Oslo and JL & LL, and a 22:00 lifting session. All told, 2:21 for the day. And I weighed in at an even 180#.

Goals for 05.12.08 - 05.18.08
Weigh in every day
Walk Oslo 3:00+
10:00+ Total Activity

Fun plans for this week include:
  • One of RG's paintings from school was chosen a few months back to become one of many banners lining Public Rd in Lafayette. It's a very cool owl painting, and Lafayette is having an "unveiling" celebration this Wednesday. JL will unfortunately be out of town, but LL is in town, and it's always nice for a grandma to get to see something like that. We're all looking forward to it, and I'll try to get some pics up later in the week.

  • The annual Balloon Launch kicking off the Erie Town Fair on Saturday morning. This is always a fantastic event, and despite all the people who show up, I always end up running into everyone I know who's there. And then fireworks at night. Good stuff.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday 05.10.08: One way to lose weight


  • 184.2#
  • 8K Rowing - easy building into hard (29:59.4), 2K WD (7:45.2)
  • Walk w/ LL, KG, Oslo (35:00)
  • 3M Precor elliptical - "Hill Climb" (28:34) AHR 124 / MHR 131


  • 183.8#
  • 10M recumbent bike (27:07)

I woke up with apparently the same stomach flu that had hit JL & LL earlier in the week, and it WIPED me out the rest of the day. So not a lot of activity, but barely any eating (some Gatorade, 2 crackers and 1 bagel).


  • 179.6#*
  • 3M Precor elliptical - "Fat Burner" (39:57) AHR 133 / MHR 140
  • Walk w/ KG & Oslo (17:000)

Felt a bit weak this morning, but my faucet butt seemed to finally be turned off. * I'm sure my weight will again self-correct due to the water loss from Friday. That said, it's nice to see a sub-180# number.

I've made good on most of my goals - already exceeding 7:00 for the week, weighing in every day (so far), walking Oslo for 2+ hours, and putting in 2 weight lifting sessions.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday 05.07.08: Last 2 Days

  • 183# weigh-in
  • 8K rowing - easy (30:56.3)
  • 15M LifeCycle C9i upright bike (26:13)
  • Weights - abs, arms, legs (21:00)
  • Walk w/ Oslo (15:00)


  • 182# weigh-in
  • 3M Precor 5.37 elliptical "Fat Burner" (28:44)
  • Walk w/ KG & Oslo (27:00)
  • Walk w/ JL, RG, KG & Oslo (41:00)
  • 3M Precor 5.37 elliptical "Aerobic Endurance" (28:15)

Not much else to report in this mundane life. Just keep plugging away, puttin' one foot in front of the other...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday, 05.06.08: At this rate, I will cease to exist in 54 days

As I expected, I reverted back to my trend with a morning weigh-in of 183.0#. I'll still take my "starting point" of 186.4#, as a) it's true, and b) it's more motivating. And I can use all the motivation I can find.

Nothing to write home about with my workouts on Monday, but it was as active of a day as I've had in awhile:

  • AM 8K easy - Concept 2 Rower (30:33.4)
  • AM Walk w/ Oslo (21:00). Great to be outside!
  • PM 15M - LifeCycle C9i upright bike 27:54. The calibration on these things crack me up sometimes...
  • PM Weights - quick workout on chest & back (12:00)
  • PM (late) 3M - Precor 5.37 Elliptical "Aerobic Endurance" program (29:09) L10, AHR 128 / MHR 135. I'm enjoying the fact that the Precor elliptical feels great on my foot. It was also nice to return to an old habit of a night workout (started about 9:30), and it was fun to watch the New Orleans Hornets embarrass the San Antonio Spurs 102-84. I really can't stomach the ides of a Lakers-Spurs series - no one to cheer for.
  • Total of 2:00 of activity - well on my way to 7:00 for the week. It's depressing to think that 14:00/week used to be fairly normal, often with 8-10 hours coming from running.

I've been able to continue the daily workouts, but now I just need to establish some consistency with higher activity days. It's so much easier to get that done when there's an event to focus on, but right now that "event" needs to be my return to running. The sooner I can get down to 180#, the sooner I can set the next goal and start focusing on that. One nice thing about being larger is that it takes more calories to live and move, so the early pounds should come off a little easier. I'm not writing down any food restrictions at this point, but I will be eating smarter and living healthier across the board.

So RG had "Track & Field Day" at Lafayette Elementary this morning. Funny. I took my mother-in-law and KG along to watch and had a good time watching a kindergarten version of "track & field." The closest events to track & field would be the sack race (always a classic), the one foot in a swim flipper race (RG had a nice conservative technique that worked well for her), and perhaps the mole race - they used the same "hurdles" the older kids would be using (cones with a foam bar across the top), but they went under the hurdles, you know, like moles. RG enjoyed it, and like everyone was very excited about the popsicles at the end of it. I would have liked to see one actual running race, and maybe a broad jump or something, but hey, they're in kindergarten. But next year, NEXT YEAR, I'm pushing for the 10K for everyone across the board - maybe hold it at the sight of most local epic races: Spangenberg Field at Centaurus High School. I wonder what the 1st Grade girls record is at Lafayette...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday 05.05.08: 186.4 stinkin' pounds

OK. I need to start focusing on dropping some pounds if I'm going to have a shot at running. It's been about 3 1/2 weeks since the surgery, and since May 1st I've been allowed to walk around without my walking boot on all the time. While the boot was still on, I pretty much stuck to an indoor recumbent or upright bike for my daily habit. Now I've been able to use my rowing machine and my elliptical machine, and yesterday and today I took Oslo out for walks. Dr. Thomas has told me all along that I could return to running 6-8 weeks post-surgery, and I've told myself all along that I may wait longer to get back to it.

My foot feels better (and looks better) and much of the swelling has gone down. There's still swelling and pain in it, though, and I'm nowhere near the point where I'd want to try running on it (even on the treadmill). I go back and forth on it. Sometimes I think confidently that the surgery has corrected much of the problems I've dealt with the last 2+ years, and that when it's all healed up, I'll be able to gradually ease back into running. And other times, I think that's a pipe dream (no, I'm not on the pipe) and that my foot's gonna be fucked for the foreseeable future. I worry that there was more than just the stress fractured sesamoid bone causing me pain in that area, and that I'll have to deal with that problem. I worry that my neuroma pain will return with all the swelling and trauma to my foot causing the neuroma to grow again. I worry about scar tissue. But then I'll remember that I had surgery to correct a problem, and it may have just done that.

So I weighed in at 186.4 pounds this morning. Here's my previous weigh-ins that I have handy:
  • 04.29 183.2#
  • 04.16 182.0#
  • 03.31 183.0#
  • 03.28 185.6#

We had some pizza last night, so that may have spiked the number up a bit, and I could see some "self correction" for tomorrow's weigh-in. I do plan to weigh myself most mornings going forward. Here's a list of short term plans and goals to increase my activity, increase my fitness, decrease my weight, and get myself prepared for a run at running:

Week of 05.05.08-05.11.08

  • Update the blog regularly
  • 7:00+ of activity for the week
  • 2:00 of walking Oslo (this has really slipped with my foot issues and then the surgery)
  • 2 weight lifting sessions
  • Weigh-in each day this week

Short-Term Weight Goals/Plans

  • 180# by 05.22.08 (6 weeks post-surgery - make next goal when I reach 180#)
  • No running before I'm down to 175#

Ultimately, I should have an easier time with my weight - I have one less bone weighing me down, right? This week, I'll work a mix of the rower, elliptical, bike, and weights along with walking Oslo, and possibly walking some on the treadmill.

More tomorrow...