Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last 2 Days & Week in Review

Sunday 05.11.08. Started the day by taking the kids and Oslo out for a walk around scenic Erie Lake. Other than being colder than it appeared, it was a beautiful morning. We saw a fox during our drive over, and a total of 8 hot air balloons. I love seeing the balloons - it's something I miss from the morning runs. They're certainly not uniquely Colorado, but this is where I've mainly seen them, and they're a fairly regular thing. Anyway, we picked up flowers and cinnamon rolls for Mother's Day (we were letting JL sleep in and get up and work out at her own speed this morning - the least I could do). I figured on getting my main workout in this evening - which I did: 4.5M on the Precor elliptical (44:57), for a total of 1:08 on the day. Oh, I weighed in at 178.8#, which I still feel will go up despite my best efforts - probably a bit dehydrated.

05.05.08 - 05.11.08 In Review
Total Activity (9:51 - goal 7:00)
Oslo Walking (2:59 - goal 2:00)
20.5M Elliptical (3:19:36)
26K Rowing (1:39:14)
40M Exercise Bike (1:21:14)
2 Weight Lifting Sessions (33:00)

All in all - a good week. I would have gotten well over 10:00 without getting sick and having a weak Friday, and not much on Saturday. Also, even adjusting for the stomach flu aided weight loss (similar to wind aided - I DO actually weigh less, and I didn't cheat, BUT I can't really count it for record purposes), I made a nice dent in my weight, and returned to some good habits. I weighed in every day last week, which I'm continuing this week as well.

Monday 05.12.08. Mondays & Tuesdays, despite the fact that I work 9:30-7 both days, tend to be good activity days. I don't always get a lot of quality, but I have room for multiple smaller workouts. This Monday was a good example - 3M in the morning & 3M in the evening on the Precor elliptical, 15M on the LifeCycle Upright at work, a 32:00 walk w/ Oslo and JL & LL, and a 22:00 lifting session. All told, 2:21 for the day. And I weighed in at an even 180#.

Goals for 05.12.08 - 05.18.08
Weigh in every day
Walk Oslo 3:00+
10:00+ Total Activity

Fun plans for this week include:
  • One of RG's paintings from school was chosen a few months back to become one of many banners lining Public Rd in Lafayette. It's a very cool owl painting, and Lafayette is having an "unveiling" celebration this Wednesday. JL will unfortunately be out of town, but LL is in town, and it's always nice for a grandma to get to see something like that. We're all looking forward to it, and I'll try to get some pics up later in the week.

  • The annual Balloon Launch kicking off the Erie Town Fair on Saturday morning. This is always a fantastic event, and despite all the people who show up, I always end up running into everyone I know who's there. And then fireworks at night. Good stuff.


GZ said...

It has been a month. Update please

GZ said...


Christen said...

This might be a longshot (since GZ points out that it's been some time since you've updated your blog), but if you're still around, I'd love to see how you're doing after the sesamoid surgery. I had the same surgery last week, and I'm also a runner - I'm hopeful that I'll be running again in a few weeks, but I have no idea what it's going to feel like without that sesamoid there. Are you running again? Did the surgery change your gait? If you get this comment, please contact me at christen brownlee at gmail dot com (all strung together, of course).