Wednesday, June 30, 2010

06.30.10: Tempo Run!

This morning I headed over to the Rock Creek Trail off of 120th in Lafayette.

After an out & back warm-up on the trail (3.5M @ 26:06), I headed back to my car for a shoe change. I recently picked up a pair of Arch1000 insoles and a couple pairs of metatarsal pads for a new experiment with my feet and shoes. I wore the new insole/metatarsal pad combo in an old (but with relatively little mileage on them) pair of Brooks Racer STs.

I hit the trail for the tempo run at around 6:30, and it went pretty well, with my feet feeling fine.


3.5M (20:35.4)
AHR=145/MHR=157 (:32@HR155+ / 11:14@HR145-155)
Out: 10:38.2 (AHR141)
Back: 9:57.2 (AHR149)

I decided a few days ago to go with a HR of 145-155 for a tempo/lactate threshold guesstimate range (T/LTGR), and that seemed about right. That said, I don’t know how much faster I could run, so maybe it’s a bit high of a HR. I felt pretty solid and felt like I ran pretty evenly. The out & back numbers probably reflect the fact that it’s a net uphill on the way out. I hit 2.5M (just over the 4K race distance for Sunday) at 14:56, and the entire run was worked out to 14:36/4K pace. My early thoughts are that sub 14:30 should be very do-able, and that sub 14:00 might be within reach. More on all that later.

In the meantime, I’m just psyched to be BACK doing quality workout. It’s been a LONG time. Yippee for me!

I put in a 2M cool-down and headed home (9M on the day, a mere 18.9M for the week, but a solid 409.7M for June).

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GZ said...

Yes. It is good to see you back. Grin.