Tuesday, June 22, 2010

06.22.10: Treadmill miles, long days

Monday & Tuesday (06.21.10, 06.22.10) Training Treadmill: 3 x 8M easy (57:38 @ AHR109/MHR115), 14 hours rest, (55:58 @ AHR112/MHR120), 8 hours rest, (56:40 @ AHR114/MHR120) 

I kept these 3 runs VERY easy, for the first time in awhile not worrying about getting my heart rate up to my lower MAF "limit" of 115, as I was a little concerned about the tightness in my right hamstring, but I didn't feel any problem with it during these runs. I did feel tired, and generally sore from the quickest long run I've done in a long while. Experience tells me I'll feel better as the week goes on.

RG and I are headed over to Teller Farm a little after 8 PM for a nice ~4M evening run.

While I'm sure I'm not maximizing my MAF training, as I could probably keep this up for quite awhile without reaching an aerobic plateau, I'm definitely psychologically ready to move on to something new. I definitely feel like I'm always working to squeeze in enough running to reach 100M+/week. And I'm itching to vary my training. The tempo/AT runs are on the top of my list, and I'd also really like to mix up my long runs. Eventually, I plan on doing some grass/park fartleks and hill work based on how my body responds to the other quality work. I have been pretty happy with consistently running strides at the end of many of my outdoor runs. I don't always feel particularly fast, but I'm curious to see what kind of speed I'll have when I toe the line.
For the tempo runs, I think some of the time I'll be using the HRM, and some of the time just a watch. In the past, the HRM has really helped me slow down. Once I got to my desired HR range (155-161 several years ago), I knew I didn't have to run any faster. Without the HRM, my tendency was to turn my tempo runs into time trials.

My big concern is how my body will hold up as I transition my training. I've been trying to chart out how the training will look, and I'm very concious of not trying to squeeze too much quality into the schedule. Here are my current thoughts, using a 3-week rotation, and not factoring in any specific dates or races:

Week 1: Tempo Focus
  • 2-3 tempo runs (1 of these could be a race)
  • No long runs
  • 2 days OFF* from "my pace" running (easy cross-training &/or easy running w/ RG)
  • Easy running on all other days
  • ~50M?
Week 2: Long Week

  • 1 X-Long run
  • No tempo runs
  • No days off
  • Easy running on most/all other days (an occasional up-tempo or steady run might be worked in based on how I feel)
  • ~90M?
Week 3: Mixed Focus
  • 1 tempo run
  • 1 long run
  • 1 day OFF* from "my pace" running (easy cross-training &/or easy running w/ RG)
  • Easy running on most/all other days (an occasional up-tempo or steady run might be worked in based on how I feel)
  • ~70M?
Other elements to consider as I move forward:
  • I'll make good use of my treadmill. I couldn't run the kind of mileage that I'm currently running (100M+/week) without the treadmill. It just plain gives my body a break. Plus, it works well logistically when working around the big 3 (family, work and sleep), and keeps me from doing too many pounding road miles (as I'd be running a lot more from the house without it). 
  • I'll work in a mix of doubles to my training, as I have been for some time.
  • I'll keep up a decent training volume every week whether it's all or mostly running or not. Most of the time, the additional volume will come from my Precor elliptical machine or my Concept 2 rowing machine. I'll work in some hiking and a little biking into the mix as well. 
  • While I know the value and strength of "sticking to the plan," I also know the downfall of "being a slave to the plan." I need to be adaptable. I need to always be listening to my body. 
  • I'll be experimenting with my shoes and inserts in the coming weeks. I've been wearing orthotics for quite some time, and generally they've worked out OK. I'm currently doing all of my training in neutral shoes and my orthotics. My new thought is to experiment with a couple of new options: #1) In my racing/lightweight trainers, I'll be trying out just insoles with metatarsal pads attached (like my orthotics have) for neuroma protection/control, and #2) I'll be trying stability shoes with full-length arch supports, also with metatarsal pads attached. I'm primarily a forefoot runner, so training shoes and orthotics can only have a limited effect on my footstrike/pushoff as it is.
Tomorrow is Bike to Work Day, so I'll be heading out on the bike around 5:30 AM for the west side of Boulder (~13M?), meeting up with all my co-workers for what they like to call Eat to Work Day as they visit several of the Boulder business with food/schwag giveaways. They've really built up how big this thing is, so I'm looking forward to it. I'll head back home on the bike after work, eat dinner with the kids, and put in 10M on the treadmill later tomorrow night.

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When I think about it - I get giddy about you toeing the line again.