Sunday, June 27, 2010

06.27.10: Done with MAF

Catching up...

Wednesday 06.23.10
Bike to Work (BTW) was fun, except that it fell into my danger zone – free food. Fortunately, much of the free food was food like bars, cereal and yogurt that I could save for another time. Fun time, though – got 32+ miles on the bike for the day.

With BTW in the morning I didn’t get my run in until late: 11.6M treadmill (1:19:52).

Thursday 06.24.10
AM 5M from the house (38:19) – 3M w/ Niwot, 2M solo. All easy.

PM 9.9M (1:34:01) @ Heil Valley Ranch. It was HOT, so I headed to some shade, and even though it was still quite warm and the sweat was pouring, I had a nice run.

Friday 06.25.10
AM 8M treadmill (55:03)

PM 2M easy w/ RG (20:21)

Saturday 06.26.10
AM 3M WU @ Peak to Peak track (22:47)
8K MAF Track Test @ Peak to Peak track (34:38.1) AHR127/MHR132 , 1:58@MAF+ / 32:25@MAF. 1600m splits (AHR):
Avg 1600m = 6:55.62
7.13M WD @ Rock Creek Trail. Measured a few out & back points for upcoming tempo runs.

Sunday 06.27.10
AM 20M (2:44:30) AHR114/MHR129. Started in Superior @ Singletree TH – dirt rd (66th?) – Community Ditch tr – Doudy Draw tr – Flatiron Vista South tr – Flatiron Vista North tr – High Plains tr – Coalton tr – McCaslin Rd – Singletree TH.

Legs were a bit sleepy, and I was concerned about my R hamstring, so I kept this one pretty low key, just putting together a nice loop – even the road section wasn’t too bad or too long. My hamstring held up fine, and seems to be feeling better when I’m not running as well.

Totals: Week 100M / Month 390.8M

So I’m done with MAF for now. I piled up 1218.6M over the past 13 weeks, so 93.7M/week, with the last 8 weeks @ 100M+, and with 20M+ runs for each of the last 5 weeks.

I’d like to be a little lighter (averaging about 177#), but it’s better than 10# heavier where I’ve spent too much time. I’m looking forward to ditching the heart rate monitor for many of my runs, and excited about (cautiously?) kicking things up a bit.

I stopped by the Erie Community Center to see if they had any information on next Sunday’s Firecracker 4K. They had a small flyer for the race, but no map of the race. All I know is that the course is supposed to start @ Erie Community Park and then head to Erie Parkway and Briggs Street. Not sure from that point. I was trying to find out because RG also wants to race, and would be running a race solo for the first time, so I wanted to make sure she couldn’t get lost and would be comfortable enough to do it on her own.

Glancing at the flyer, I discovered a problem. The age groups listed started at “10-12” and towards the top of the flyer it stated “Ages 10+.”

What? Erie Parks & Rec is putting on a race and they’re not going to let runners younger than 10 run a race less than 2.5M? Does RG need to enter as K.Switzer? Now they are supposed to be having free kids races after the 4K, but I’m not expecting much from them. I don’t recall seeing shorter races having that old of an age requirement. I realize this isn’t the Bolder Boulder, but they’ve been letting kids 6 & up run for a long time – for a 10K! I get it for a ½ marathon or marathon. But a 4K?!

I’ve e-mailed the woman in charge of the race, so I’ll see what I hear back. If they don’t adjust things, I’ll be pretty disappointed (RG already said “I don’t think that’s fair.”) and need to do what I can to make sure that changes for the future. But should I go ahead and enter her, listing her age as 8 anyway? Would she be eligible for awards in the 10-12 age group?

Signing off. 


GZ said...

What is your goal for this 4k thing? If we don't head for the mtns, I may jump in.

TGeldean said...

Um...I think I'll just pass on the race if you're running.

Really, I'll know more after this Wednesday's tempo run. The only thing quick I've done are strides - nothing sustained for a LONG time.

Just guessing right now (and not having run many 4Ks or raced at all in 4 years), but maybe a range of high 14s down to high 13s? I'd like to think I can hold 6:00 miles, but 5:30s seems like it would be a bit quick.

More after Wednesday...

What do you think YOU could run? What have your 5K times been?

GZ said...

i'd like to think I could run about the same.