Friday, November 13, 2009

11.13.09 MIA Update

Where to start...

I was worried about the way my foot felt during/after my run on 11.01, and for good reason.  Apparently my neuroma wasn't dead after all (had a series of 6 alcohol shots to kill it back in the summer of '07).  If it ain't one thing, it's another - especially with my left foot. 

I'll update my workouts below, but basically this setback threw me into my usual unhealthy tailspin.  I think (and it isn't all rational, so thinking doesn't always explain things perfectly) that the running of the past few months had given me hope, and when the neuroma (my primary running nemesis over the past 16 years) returned, I felt that hope being ripped away again. 

I ran twice on the treadmill on Monday 11.02, taping my toes in attempt to alleviate the problem during the second run.  It didn't seem to help, so I decided to stop running until it felt better, at first solely using the rowing machine for my workouts, and then adding in the elliptical machine. 

After a couple of days of no running (without improvement), I made an appointment to see Dr. Thomas, my podiatrist in Ft.Collins.   I saw him this Tuesdaay (11.10), and he agreed that it seemed to be the neuroma again.  He gave me a cortisone shot after some discussion about limiting cortisone shots to 3/year, and the potential side effects.  I've had a number of cortisone shots for this neuroma over the years, but never "too many" in too short of a period.  But everything has side effects, so hopefully I haven't screwed up my foot further.  Initially it felt numb, and then later on Tuesday and throughout Wednesday it felt worse than before the shot!  I was not a happy camper.  But on Thursday, it felt better, and by last night I realized I wasn't feeling any pain.  So I hit the treadmill to test it out, which went fine.  And I ran again this morning - also fine. 

We'll see...

Training Update (11.02.09 - 11.08.09)

AM Rowing 15K (58:44), 31 spm, AHR117/MHR121...
...Running 8M treadmill (51:24), i=1, AHR118/MHR126
PM Rowing 10K (38:28.7), 31 spm, AHR122/MHR127
PM Running 5M treadmill (33:25), i=1, AHR117/MHR123

PM Rowing 20K (1:19:01.7), 31 spm, AHR118/MHR122

PM Rowing 20K (1:17:22.4), 31 spm, AHR125/MHR130

AM Rowing 20K (1:17:11.9), 31 spm, AHR123/MHR128

AM Rowing 20K (1:17:13.9), 31 spm, AHR126/MHR132

AM Rowing 20K (1:17:11.1), 31 spm, AHR126/MHR132

AM Rowing 25K (1:36:38), 31 spm, AHR126/MHR131
PM Elliptical 5M (48:48), L=10, CR=10, AHR119/MHR122

Running Totals: 13M week / 38M month
Rowing Totals: 150K week / 150K month
Elliptical Totals: 5M week / 5M month

Training Update (11.09.09 - 11.13.09)

AM Rowing 20K (1:19:02.4), 31 spm, AHR117/MHR122...
...Elliptical 4M (37:50), L=10, CR=10, AHR114/MHR119
PM Elliptical 10M (1:32:46), L=10, CR=10, AHR120/MHR127

AM Elliptical 4M (38:40), L=10, CR=10, AHR111/MHR115
PM Rowing 20K (1:19:56.4), 31 spm, AHR118/MHR121

AM Rowing 15K (57:51.5), 32 spm, AHR120/MHR124

AM Elliptical 6M (56:01), L=10, CR=10, AHR116/MHR125
PM Running 5M treadmill (36:58), i=1, AHR119/MHR125

AM Running 10M treadmill (1:07:14), i=1, AHR120/MHR124
PM Running 5M treadmill (39:58), i=5, Climb=1320', AHR121/MHR129...
...Rowing 8K (30:44.2), 32 spm, AHR125/MHR128

Running Totals: 20M week / 58M month
Rowing Totals: 63K week / 213K month
Elliptical Totals: 24M week / 29M month

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GZ said...

A thought here bro ... maybe a little less mileage too? I mean, I know you get bullet bomb nuke proof with that high mileage stuff - but 120? Maybe 95 and more cross training?

Glad to hear you are getting back at it - be careful.