Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12.01.09 Update: Month-End Catch-Up, Eerie Erie, etc.

The Erie Review did print my response to Patty Hagan back on November 25th.  I had read Amanda Lovato's blog where she talked about doing a GI test, so I knew she wasn't using oxygen, but her husband's blog (thanks GZ) definitely illustrates why his wife wasn't "thrilled" about this event.  Yikes.  And I thought GZ and I running down the road sharing a Camelbak was funny...

My foot is coming along.  The cortisone shot seems to have helped for now.  I'm not sure if the neuroma will pop back up in awhile, or much later on.  That has me bummed - it's just something that (for me) eventually comes back to bite me in the foot, and makes it hard to plan long term.  I've been dealing, off and on, with this thing since 1993.  I only did a few outside runs in November, and all but one of them were with my daughter.  On Monday, I ran outside in the area around my house - some trail, some roads, some grass - and my foot did OK.  I'll continue to baby it and gradually work in more outdoor running.

Month-End Training Update: November 2009

Running totals: 315M
Rowing totals: 349K (most for 2009)
Elliptical totals: 29M

  • 3 20M+ runs (all on treadmill)
  • Worked in a LOT more climbing on the treadmill - 29,839' over the course of 12 runs with incline.
  • A couple of the incline highlights (nothing special, but new for me during this course of training: 11.26 - 20M (2:29:53) starting @ 5% & dropping 1% every 4M, 11.23 - 10M (1:29:23) starting @ 11% & dropping 1% each mile, 11.24 - 6M (1:16:21) starting @ 15% & dropping 1% each mile.
  • Two 100M+ weeks (103M & 106M)

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