Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Solid row, MRI, kids, politics

I started off today with a solid rowing workout in the basement. Sandwiched between a 2K warmup & cooldown, I rowed a hard 4K in 13:59.5. I felt like I was working at about as sustainable of a pace that I could handle for the first 2K (7:05), but I was able to squeeze it down a little more, rowing the next kilo in 3:30, and the final kilo in 3:24.5 (last 500m in 1:40.5). I'm just now starting to get some confidence back with the rowing workouts.

After getting RG to the bus, I attempted to stalk GZ at work, by having an MRI on my foot at nearby Flatiron Imaging. They gave me a CD of the MRI pics, but I haven't viewed them yet. Would I really know what I'm looking at? That said, I should throw the disc in and take a look. Maybe my foot will look better on the inside than it does on the outside. Or better than GZ's 9 toed wonders, there for all the world to ogle.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with RG and KG, and taking care of the usual home front stuff - laundry, cooking, etc. These days can actually be stressful at times. I did OK most of the day, but by dinnertime, the kids were wearing on me a bit.

I'll close with some political talk of the last couple of days.

On Eliot Spitzer, I found Al Lewis' column in the Denver Post yesterday right on the mark. After discussing why a lot of folks in Wall Street and elsewhere in the business world were happy to see his fall from grace, he closed with the following lines:

"People spend a lot of time challenging my motives," he said. "But
. . . challenging the motive of the prosecutor is the last refuge of
the guilty."

I loved that line. I loved his righteous indignation. I loved his ability to
humiliate powerful wrongdoers.

Too bad he blew it all on a

Wow. I agree. While at the time, I didn't see Bill Clinton's work with Monica Lewinski as that big of a deal, I've come to realize the consequences of his actions and the resulting mess. He certainly wasn't able to accomplish much as President after the scandal broke. And he wasn't able to really campaign for Al Gore, which led to the disgrace of the last 7 years. Spitzer may not have been loved in many circles, but he was a guy who had been mentioned as Presidential material, and while things weren't going swimingly as NY's guv, he had big things ahead of him. I guess we've all got our issues.

And as for Geraldine Ferraro, she made her comments (about Obama being where he is because he's black) more than once. Her words weren't an accidental slip. Like much of the Clinton campaign, they're calculated. And they were calculated as another desperate move by the Clinton team to scratch and claw there way back into this thing. Like Clinton's line about her and McCain having all the foreign affairs experience, while Obama gave a speech in 2002. Oh, but I forgot, they want Obama as their VP candidate...

Ferraro's comments simply hold no water. According to her, when running for President in the USA, it's suddenly a great thing to be a black man. That makes a lot of sense, what with all the black presidents we've had over the years. I won't call her an outright racist, but it was another attempt by the Clinton camp to cast Obama as "the black candidate." Clinton has already lost most of the "black vote" so they probably feel there's nothing left to lose there. This is another example of why the Democratic Party needs to push Clinton out of this race - for the sake of Obama's chances in the fall against McCain, for the sake of the Democratic Party itself, and for the sake of Hillary Clinton's future as a respected Democratic politician.

Obama has won twice as many states as Clinton. Obama has the lead in pledged delegates and overall delegates. Obama is leading in the popular vote.

It's time for the official to step in and declare this a TKO for Obama. It's time for the Clintons to get out of the way, and make room for a more tolerant, more experienced, and more inspiring candidate. It's time for a change.

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GZ said...

Dude ... are you actually going to vote for someone based on the issues? I mean, why? This is America. We do stuff not because it makes sense but because we like it. I like Helmans more than Miracle Whip. Don't ask me why.

I want to see pix of the foot. What is the diagnosis?