Tuesday, March 4, 2008

If I'm not running, are non-running workouts really cross-training?

Some good discussion with GZ earlier - some re: MAF, some re: my life. Thanks.

A couple of easy workouts today:

10M on recumbent bike (27:35), Level 7

4.93M on Precor 5.37 Elliptical (46:00), "Fat Burner" Level 10

Looking forward to some positive results tonight from Obama. The more I hear about the Clinton camp, the less I like what I'm hearing. It's time for Clinton, and then Bush to move over. 20 years is plenty. If Clinton hangs around much longer, it's gonna get a lot uglier for the Dems.

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GZ said...

Good chatting with you (finally) again today.

Dude - the fat burner level it harder than level 23 in Mario Brothers.

Let me know how much money you make off those Google ads.

It is still cross training ... at least until recumbant bikes and eliptical machines become Olympic sports.