Tuesday, April 15, 2008


As a runner, my feet are rarely pretty looking. And when my training and racing has included marathons and long trail races, they look decidedly worse. But damn if my left foot isn't the ugliest fucking thing I've seen in awhile! I got a good long look at it this morning for this first time since surgery. I should have taken a photo and used it for the main blog photo - I've heard that's the cool thing to do...

I guess the surgery went well. That's what Dr. Thomas told me. Here's a recap of the past several days:
  • Thursday 04.10.08 - I started the day off with 4M on the elliptical (36:58), knowing I wasn't likely to get in a workout later that day, and maybe not for awhile after. My mom and I arrived at the Foot Surgery Center of Northern Colorado a little after 9 am. Everyone was very nice that morning, but it did take 2 tries to get the IV started (yippee!). I then met the anesthesiologist, who explained her process, and I headed into the operating room. They started the medication into the IV, I asked someone if they could prop up my arm a bit as the IV was bothering it, and then I was in the recovery room. Bizarre. I didn't even see my doctor until afterwards. My mom drove me home, and while I was prepared to be out of it then and for the rest of the day, but I seemed fine. After a late breakfast (couldn't eat before the surgery), I headed upstairs for a nap. I noticed that there was a fair amount of blood saturating the dressing. Great. I decided to go ahead with the nap (I rarely get the opportunity) and called the doctor's office afterwards. "Can you be here at 9 am tomorrow?" Sure, what's another trip to Ft. Collins. The bleeding didn't seem to continue, and I didn't really have any pain that day. I tried to sit around with my foot elevated most of the day. I took a couple of vicodin and took it easy.
  • Friday 04.11.08 - Back in the car, my Mom drove me back to the doctor's office, and Dr. Anderson (Dr. Thomas' partner) checked out my foot and said it looked OK. He had the dressing changed, and we headed back home. More lying around with my foot up. I was able to walk around using my right foot and left heel, as the left foot was somewhat protected by a surgical shoe. Later that day, I was able to exercise. I "rowed" 5K on my Concept II rowing ergometer, using my right leg and both arms. It took me 22:56, wheras a normal easy row for me would take under 20:00. The streak continued. I ate a couple more vicodin per doctor's recommendations to not wait for it to really hurt.
  • Saturday 04.12.08 - More of the same, another 5K of one legged rowing (23:22), still not much pain (only took one vicodin).
  • Sunday 04.13.08 - Lifted weights for 31:00 while watching the London Marathon (wow!) on the computer. I haven't read a whole lot on it, but I'd say he's easily the best American marathoner ever through 3 races. 1st, he ran an American debut record in a tough, fast race in London ('07). 2nd, he dominated the Olympic Trials in NY with a Trials record and fast time on a rolling course. And 3rd, he ran 2:06:17 in London, surviving a scorching early pace to place 5th with the best American born performance EVER in an amazingly fast race. More lying around, yada yada yada. We had friends over for pizza, and later I headed out to DQ for a Blizzard.
  • Monday 04.14.08 - Back to work, keeping the foot up much of the day (we were SLOOOOOOOOW). 30:00 of weights. My foot started hurting more, and I only took one vicodin before heading to bed.
  • Tuesday 04.15.08 - Drove to Ft. Collins for my first official Post-Op appointment. The assistant took off the old dressing and left me there to stare at my foot for several minutes before Dr. Thomas came in. As I looked at the incision, and the bruised and bloodied foot, I wasn't bothered by the "ickiness" of it. It didn't make me feel nauseous. It made me worry about "getting back" and really running again. I really don't know if my foot will work right in the future, and staring at my hideous foot brought that home. I guess we'll see... So Dr. Thomas examined my foot and re-dressed it, and then had an assistant get me set up with the walking boot. It's nice to be able to walk more "normally" - much better than the surgical shoe. I took some ibuprofen awhile ago, as I'm having about as much pain as I've had. I may try to use an elliptical machine a little later - whatever I can fit this boot onto.

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